More than simply a repository of all things alcoholic, this megamart of mirth is party headquarters. It's also something of a bookstore, but more on that later. Before shoppers catch sight of a pint, fifth, or gallon of their favorite go-juice, they have to pass by a combination stationery store/ deli/gourmet food shop. Nothing comes across as a more thoughtful gift than booze, and ABC lets you give in style with a fine selection of bottle-shape gift bags and an assortment of greeting cards. Need a bottle of Jim Beam Barbecue Sauce to spice up the grilled chicken? How about caviar, salsa, pasta, sauces, meats, cheeses, bar utensils, or glassware? ABC has you covered in all of those departments, too, and the place features a large, walk-in humidor full of fine cigars to boot. The glassed-in stogy area sits across the store from the entrance, and to get there one must wade through a sea of wine selections, all neatly racked and organized by type. Along the back wall, a row of cooler cases keeps the large selection of brew, including plenty of microbrews and imports, cold. All the ingredients are certainly here for a blowout party, but if you need help putting everything together, check out the kiosk of books. Titles such as the Harvey Collins Drink Guide and The Entertaining Survival Guide: A Handbook For the Hesitant Host can boost your skills as a classy party purveyor. Finally, if you need something to make you feel better about imbibing, pick up The French Paradox & Drinking For Health, wherein author Gene Ford espouses the health benefits of moderate drinking.

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