Broward County is home to plenty of shops selling marijuana pipes, but many of them also stock so many inconsequential knick-knacks, trinkets, and doo-dads that it's hard to get a gander at what you walked in there for. You can find your Nag Champa incense at any brightly lighted, family-friendly head shop, but for the best selection of those beauteous color-changing glass pipes (and waterpipes -- don't you dare call 'em bongs), explore the slightly sinister vibe at Cloudy Daze. Something tells us this is the place to come when your terrazzo floor and your hand-blown bubbler meet under tragically unfortunate circumstances. Rather than fill its square footage with Grateful Dead Hacky Sacks, sex-toy novelties, or crystal unicorns, Cloudy Daze has exactly what you want: Lots and lots of pipes with which to smoke dope. Is that so wrong?

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