How can you say "Broward" and "mall" without saying "Sawgrass Mills"? Sure, it's a tourist trap. It's the second-largest tourist attraction in the state, and more than 25 million shoppers will trudge through Sawgrass' stores this year alone. The parking lot holds 11,000 cars, for chrissakes. Sure, you'll get lost. The mall is more than a mile long, covers 170 acres, and is shaped like an alligator -- a design feature you're not likely to notice but apt to curse when you're looking for Saks Off Fifth and find yourself in front of Burlington Coat Factory for the 12th time. (Save yourself the confusion by printing a map of the mall off its website, Still, this West Broward behemoth is a feast for the frugal fashionista. Prices here hover around 80 percent below retail. Discount versions of stores like Neiman Marcus peacefully coexist with Brooks Brothers, Theory, Kenneth Cole, St. John Knits, Calvin Klein, BeBe, Tahari, and more than 400 others. And where else in South Florida can you suck on an Orange Julius while trying on a pair of Blahniks?

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