BEST OF BROWARD/PALM BEACH® 2008 | South Florida

Best Of Broward-Palm Beach® 2008

Behold the fruit of the labor of too many hands to count. Like pearl divers, all the writers for this paper have gone deep to find the sometimes-hidden treasures in Broward and Palm Beach counties, from the best place for an expensive dinner to the best deal on a carwash with an oil change. Only here will you find the best spots to sip a cocktail with a stuffed fox, directions to get lost inside a chocolate factory, the name of the friendliest bar in South Florida, and the trick to finding smart gay girls. We've challenged ourselves to identify and compile all of these things and much more, and at last the results are in. Here too you'll find the picks from our online readers poll. Now comes the fun part, and it's up to you: Let your eyes and mind wander through these choices, and then go out and touch and taste, caress and grope our favorite things.

Best Of Broward-Palm Beach®

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