Best Club DJ 2010 | Eran Hersh | Readers' Choice | South Florida
Votes: 120

"I have to give it up to my main man DJ Eran Hersh, the sickest DJ in all of South Florida. Hands down, it's my man Eran with his sick beats." — L.E.D.

Runner-up: Zodiac, 90 votes

Votes: 12

"The minute you enter this boutique, you can feel the great vibe of incense and world music. They carry goddess statues and jewelry for the everyday goddess, incense, sage, candles, books, music, and belly dance wear. They also have a dance and yoga studio in the back." — Jessica Hernandez

Votes: 148

"Is there anyone else on the radio besides Paul and Young Ron Brewer? I think not. Not only are they the best radio personalities; they're the hippest (is that word used anymore?), baddest dudes on the radio." — Art Riley

Runner-up: John Spano from 93-ROCK (93.1), 59 votes

Votes: 30

"I went down to Ilios this Friday... and now I see why everyone keeps voting for it. The food was absolutely delicious, the service was extraordinary, the bar area was very lively (although I stayed at my table), and the lighting was perfect. It felt intimate yet inviting." — H.P.

Runner-up: La Barraca Tapas, 24 votes

Votes: 90

"I signed on to cast my vote for Alex Nelson's Everything You Wanted to Say but Didn't... and am so glad to see so many others are also enjoying what is truly my favorite album — not that I am in the least bit surprised considering I was at his standing-room-only CD-release party. Alex is not only a gifted singer, guitarist, and lyricist — he's warm, wonderful, and dead clever." — Judy Blem

Runner-up: Voices From the Red Room, by Ghost of Gloria, 78 votes

"Relaxing in Public" by Alex Nelson.

Votes: 21

"Bonnet House is an unspoiled oasis in the concrete jungle of Fort Lauderdale beach. A charming surprise of blue and yellow, the 1920s house sits amid 35 acres of natural South Florida wildlife — both animal and vegetable. Tours are available for the house and grounds, or you may opt for a self-guided walking tour. A heavenly escape." — Rita Houldsworth

Photo by Eric Barton
Votes: 334

"Big City Dogs is what a real burger should taste like: never frozen, made each morning, and grilled to perfection. I went yesterday to the one on University Drive, and they had already run out of burgers. Guy, please prep more burgers. South Florida needs them." — Estelle V.

Runner-up: Charm City Burger Co., 190 votes

Votes: 66

"Great group of guys and a great band. Ghost of Gloria is going to be the biggest and most successful band to ever come out of South Florida!" — Brandon

Runner-up: Makayla and 4PLEY, 53 votes

"Fight" by Ghost of Gloria:

Votes: 36

"I've never eaten pizza so good in my entire life as the fine Joe Jamz pizza. Not only is it the best in Broward County; it's pretty much the best south of NYC, and the staff couldn't be kinder or more helpful." — Merrick Chase

Runner-up: Sicilian Oven, 25 votes

Votes: 10

"For only those who are real about life and love: Tortured Souldiers. For only those who are true about keeping a culturistic vibe alive: Tortured Souldiers. For only those who know what's good: Tortured Souldiers." — Black in America

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