Best Hip-Hop Artist 2010 | Tortured Souldiers | Readers' Choice | South Florida
Votes: 10

"For only those who are real about life and love: Tortured Souldiers. For only those who are true about keeping a culturistic vibe alive: Tortured Souldiers. For only those who know what's good: Tortured Souldiers." — Black in America

Votes: 3

"Matthew William Chizever for Cannibal! the Musical at the Promethean Theatre. Solid performance, and adorable!" — Lilly Fredricks

Votes: 25

"CD Heaven is the best CD store in South Florida. Great prices, knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can sing a couple of notes or words to a song and the staff will tell you the artist name, what album, and the song title. Pretty amazing skill — no iPod app needed." — Anne

Votes: 45

"Debbie Sampson has a mastery of depicting motion that is uncanny. Her horses are amazing, and her painting of Can-am cars shows her talents are not just aimed towards equine art." — Mitch Mestel

Runner-up: Todd Nolan, 23 votes

Votes: 166

"It's not fancy or trendy or anything like that. But it's comfortable; the staff, bartenders, everyone is just very friendly and treats you well. And they don't charge an arm and a leg to go out with your buds and drink." — Anonymous

Runner-up: Kingshead Pub Sunrise, 13 votes

Votes: 29

"The Rising Action Theatre never disappoints. The talent is fresh, focused, and alive. The intimate setting of the small theater leaves the audience unable to escape a personal and powerful experience." — Steve Laskin

Votes: 35

"The best times I've ever had in South Florida have been at this incredible nightclub! You have everything from the outside lounge to the wild techno/trance room with light shows!" — Johnny G

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