Janet Donnelly

OK, they also have these other mammalian quadrupeds for your consideration. But really: Cats rule, dogs drool. You know it. Even you caninophiles know it, deep in your hearts. So with that out of the way, get serious and consider the awesome range of services offered by this West Palm shelter/complex and its 20 or so satellite adoption venues. Action central is at the league's 13-acre suburban campus, where at any given time, hundreds of furry companions are lovingly sheltered and cared for. More than 6,000 felines were spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped last year — free to the public — and almost 5,000 interspecies bondings led to adoptions. The league's been at this business since 1925. It's gotten damned good at it. In fact, almost purr-fect.

South Florida is known for its sexy people... but sometimes the "sex" part comes with trouble. Broward is second in the nation (after Miami-Dade) for new cases of HIV infections. Which means that thousands of times a year, the newly diagnosed are freaking out. Thankfully, Poverello Food Bank and Thrift Store is here to help. For nearly three decades, this nonprofit in Wilton Manors has assisted low-income folks living with HIV/AIDS. Though Poverello is known for its food bank — it feeds 2,500 eligible residents per year — it also offers supportive programming: a full-service gym, quit-tobacco counseling, a Reiki group, massage, chiropractic care, and even acupuncture.

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