Best Not-So-Cheap Thrill 2016 | Millionaire's Concierge | Sports & Recreation | South Florida

South Florida is full of people with gobs of disposable income. Hang outside any steakhouse, and you'll see them in action: tanned, leathery men rolling around in convertible Bentleys, clouds of Davidoff Cool Water and cigar smoke following in their wake as they bounce from one champagne-soaked party to another. Though the wealthiest Floridians often act like they can get whatever they want — including their own tax laws or zoning ordinances — occasionally, things do get in their way. But Fort Lauderdale's Millionaire's Concierge exists to make sure that rarely happens. Need a Lamborghini or 60-foot yacht for the day? Easy. Got a zillion bucks and want to be unnecessarily placed in a film? No problem. Want to spend a leisurely Saturday inside a fighter jet? They've got entire party packages for that. As the founder, Doug Turner, claims on his website, "Your only limitation is your imagination!" Ditto the size of your wallet.

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