McDonald's Launches Fish McBites Video Contest: Win $16,500

In an effort to lure consumers with even more ways to get obese, McDonald's is launching their Fish McBites. Basically, pieces of every Grandma's Mickey D's staple on acid, these are little nuggets of battered and deep fried Alaskan Pollock with lots of fattening tartar sauce to dip them into.

The nuggets, which had a limited test distribution, will be launched nationwide in early 2013. And McDonald's wants you to make the video. Just listen to this incredibly annoying song (which basically has some extremely autotuned voice singing "fishy fishy" over and over again to a beat)  and create a 30 second video to go with it. 

According to the official site on Tongal, the video should be "Fun, Funny, Exciting, Creative, Unique and Culturally-Relevant". The target audience has been shifted from grandmas to "Multi-Cultural Adults Ages 18-34 (Millennials)".

The good (or bad news, depending on how much you like pop-culture schlock) is that you can use Frankie The Fish's likeness in the video (though we beg you not to). His old "Gimme that Filet-o-Fish" song is, thankfully, not allowed.

The winning video artist gets $16,500, with $40,000 total in prizes given out. The contest runs in different phases. The deadline for the first pitch phase is January 4, 2013. The contest is open to all U.S. residents age 13 or older. Read complete details and contest rules here

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