G&B Oyster Bar

G&B Oyster Bar features seafood favorites from around the country prepared by chef Steven Shockey. Though Coconuts and G&B have two distinct identities, the restaurants nestled next to each other have combined menus, despite that each has its own kitchen and concept. Coconuts offers more meat options and traditional offerings than G&B's stylish fare. The seats are nearly filled around the bar that dominates G&B, a minimalist space with whitewashed wood paneling and blue glass tiles. Though the design leans toward industrial minimalism, the open-air room makes for easy conversations rather than sound bouncing off stark spaces. A decadent lobster cheesesteak, nods to both Maine and Philly, served on a crusty loaf with knuckle meat, cheddar cheese, peppers, onions and bacon. Also served on that crusty Italian loaf is the muffuletta, the signature sandwich of N'walins and one of the few meat-focused items on the menu. Both sandwiches are for big appetites and show off a creative-yet-accessible inspiration in the kitchen. A too-sweet Ahi tuna debuts as poke, an Asian-inspired Hawaiian dish of cubed fish, sea salt, soy, inamona, sesame oil, seaweed, and chili pepper. Spot-on is the beautiful tribute to San Francisco: a bowl of cioppino, the humble fisherman's stew of mussels, clams, crab, and whitefish in a white wine and tomato sauce. Be sure to order extra toasts to sop up the delicious broth.