Green Wave Cafe

Raw food continues to grow in popularity, even though its South Florida contingent is small. But Green Wave Café, a Plantation kitchen and organic market that serves raw, vegan lunches, may change that. Chef Lisa Valle takes wholesome, organic produce and creates a small menu that changes daily. Grab a seat at the wide orange tables or long countertop and Valle's delightful and knowledgeable staff will serve you fun, raw dishes such as lettuce wrap tacos with walnut and sun-dried tomato pate. The crisp lettuce, clean-tasting salsa, and accompanying cashew "cheese" sauce are flavorful without getting heavy. A hummus sandwich atop raw onion bread is a more of an acquired taste, as the thin bread made of onion and flax is chewy. Each plate costs $12 and includes daily-made soup, the only nonraw item on the menu (the vegetarian bean is remarkably bold and, well, meaty). Valle and crew teach free classes on raw food at night - a monthly schedule is posted on their website. Sign me up for the class on chocolate ice cream, a completely raw and vegan marvel that satisfies in ways few dairy-based custards can.