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Ten Best Healthy Restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Dining out in South Florida means anything goes. We have a melting pot of cuisine to choose from and all the gastropubs you could wish for. But while it's certainly not the epicenter of healthy eating as it is with cities like Los Angeles or Portland -- nor does it have the variety of Chicago and New York City -- what we do have offers a fairly good spread.

So what to do if you're craving a heaping dinner-sized salad, a medley of fresh veggies, diet-friendly sushi, or satisfying soup? There are -- luckily -- a number of options available in the area that still cater to the health-conscious eater.

Whether your idea of healthy is a plate of homemade hummus with a local brew, a raw kale salad with Brussels sprouts, or a seafood charcuterie plate, you'll find something that fits your diet (and budget) at any of these Broward or Palm Beach eateries.

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10. Riverside Market

Even if beer isn't exactly on your diet menu (or anyone's diet menu, for that matter), the food you can find at this craft beer bar and casual eatery, Riverside Market, can be. The next time you want a light and easy meal -- and a brew to wash it down -- why not pair a gluten-free New Planet pale ale with the market's own house-made hummus platter? Flavors include garlic, roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomato, and a spicy jalapeño version. And although it's traditionally served with baked pita chips, you can opt for a healthy substitute of sliced carrots, celery, and cucumbers.

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9. Green Spot Kitchen

Adding to the quickly growing roster of health-conscious eateries in Broward and Palm Beach counties, Green Spot Kitchen serves a selection of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free (and meat) dishes to the locals. Their best customers: members of the local gym, families looking for a healthy meal, and hospital patients and staff at nearby Holy Cross hospital. Here, picks like free-range chicken and bison are used in soups and tacos; the achiote chicken chop is a huge hit; and the kale "bison-wich" -- an eight-ounce patty served between multigrain Ezekiel sprout bread. Vegan options include dishes like the vegetable ceviche tacos and artichoke fries. If you want the healthy kick to last longer than your lunch, the eatery also offers meal plans in all shapes and sizes to help you stay on track.

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