11 Weird and Somewhat Stupid Band Names

It stands to reason that to brand itself effectively, a band must have a name that's also subversive and memorable. During the initial flush of the British Invasion, parents were forced to ponder the meaning of band handles like the Beatles, Pretty Things, Zombies, the Kinks, and the Who (as to the what and why). Those names seem innocent enough now, compared to many acts today whose titles are geared toward implying idiocy, irony, or insult. We've compiled a list of weird and suggestive band names; they defy the norm and inspire a second glance. Add your favorite horrible band name in the comments.

11. The Bad Livers

There's nothing attractive at all about the imagery this inspires. Cirrhosis is not sexy.

10. Front Bottoms

Clever and kind of catchy in a way, maybe the name has to do with someone who has his head up his ass. And with their kind of everyday, off-hand, angst-ridden delivery, that upside-down angle seems to make sense.

9. Wussy

These Midwestern rockers appear to have taken a self-deprecating view, but given the fact that they sprang from a band called the Ass Ponies, any handle is an improvement. Fortunately their music -- riveting, hard-hitting, and packed with punch and purpose -- belies the name they saddled themselves with. Better than Pussies, we suppose.

8. The The

Now this just seems a product of pure laziness. The alias for musician Matt Johnson, it almost appears pointless and very had to find on YouTube. Was he trying to grab attention with its simplicity or simply had no good ideas? While the music shows ambition, the name certainly does not.

7. Grandpa's Cough Medicine

Yeah, old-timey, back-porch rambling can seem a bit wheezy at times, but was there that much phlegm in their throats that they had to seek inspiration from old Granddad's stash of tonics? Robotripping is so very 1990s.

Then again, this is a bluegrass band whose song "The Murder Chord" tells a tale about a kid who gets into heavy metal and is subsequently inspired to murder his family. Best the group sticks with the cold remedies and stays away from problematic prescriptions.

6. Donna the Buffalo

A buffalo dubbed Donna? Really? Considering their populist sentiments, their handle does lend itself to a faithful following, aptly dubbed "the Herd." Still, one has to wonder, why so big on bison?

5. Half Man Half Biscuit

We're stumped as to the meaning of this one. Your guess is as good as ours.

4. The Naked and Famous

Sadly, this band from Aukland, New Zealand, is neither naked nor famous.


So minimalist. So hip. So hard to Google.

2. Slambovian Circus of Dreams

While it may sound like the name given to an Eastern European band of gypsies, it actually belongs to a clever communal combo whose musical offerings are as far-flung stylistically as the handle implies. Besides, a hint of mystery and mystique never hurts.

1. Fuck Buttons

The nom de plume of band members Andrew Hung (a remarkable name in itself) and Benjamin John Power, this two-piece electronic group seems to attract more attention for its handle than for its music.

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