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305 Live: Local Hip-Hop News from Garcia, C9, Trina, QuEST and more

-- One of Miami's longtime hip-hop heavyweights has got to be Garcia. Representing Crazy Hood productions, Garcia has resurfaced with a new album entitled Shattered Dreams. He held the release party for the album last night and released the album online as a free download. The album is produced predominantly by Nick Fury HD, and also features additional production courtesy of Hazardis Soundz and Big Drain. Click here to download the album. [CrazyHood]

-- The boys over at C9 have finally started moving forward with their movement. They released the first single to their upcoming C9 Compilation mixtape, which will feature a tight selection of songs comprised of their entire roster, along with guest spots from affiliates and frequent collaborators. The compilation will see a June release and its first single is called "Soul Searching," which features C9 members Phresh James and J. Nic$ trading verses, and fellow Miami collaborator Vito on the guest feature. [The305]

-- South Florida based Jim Jonsin has been making a lot of noise lately as it seems that he has been putting in production work with all of the music industry's top artists. He's also received a good deal of success on the executive side of things via his Rebel Rock imprint. If you've followed the Billboard sales charts as of late, you'd know that his artist B.O.B.'s album debuted at Number One last week with just over 80,000 units sold. The album, The Adventures Of Bobby Ray, was strongly supported by the monster single "Nothin' On You," which Jim reveals was originally supposed to go to Lupe Fiasco, but insisted that B.O.B. should call the record his own. And so it did. [MTV News]

-- Trina released her album Amazin' this past Tuesday. She's been making all of the rounds via numerous media outlets, and has definitely tried to keep her name consistently within the public's eyes and ears. While the album does have a different feel compared to her previous efforts, it definitely shows a bit of growth on her behalf. At press time, early estimates say that she will fall in the 30,000 to 40,000 sales range for her first week out. Much success to the "Diamond Princess." [Slip-N-Slide}

-- Quest released his How Thoughtful mixtape a couple of months back. But that didn't stop him from recording a very simple yet effective video for one of the tracks off the mixtape. Quest partnered up Unkle Luc (director) and Personal (co-director) for a dark video shot completely within the boundaries of a very compact elevator. Rightfully so, as the song is called "Elevator Status." Listen to the words and watch the visuals by clicking here. More Quest music is sure to come in the near future. [Vimeo]

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