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A History of Cars in Rap: From Cadillacs to Impalas, Maybachs to My 911

Alongside big booty bitches and towering stacks of money, exorbitantly expensive automobiles are one of the most treasured motifs in hip-hop. Cars don't merely take you from one place to the next. No, these gas guzzlers also represent your personal style. Hell, Rick Ross even named a music group after his ride.

From the Impala to the 911, different rappers have repped different rides over the years. What follows is a loose history of cars in rap. 

10. Kanye West - "Mercy"

The video may draw a little too much from the Gaga side of Kanye West's brain (the cerebral hemisphere that champions high-fashion head scarves, non-fuctional furniture, and artisanal cupcakes). And the cough syrup banger chorus definitely surfs the post-"Chopped & Screwed" Southern rap trend wave. But goddamn when that hook comes in talking Lamborghini Murciélago -- or the reggae guy starts toasting -- we've never pined so much after a car we couldn't afford, or didn't even really want in the first place.

9. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame - "Ferrari Boyz"

Gucci and Waka need to follow the lead of Method Man and Redman. It's time they pitch a Ferrari Boyz buddy movie traphouse party comedy about the mad zany adventures of two iced-out, geeked-up drug dealers, and the cars they buy with their illegally obtained fortunes.

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