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A Practical Guide to Trap Music

I'll be honest, I've been sitting on this article for more than a month now, deliberating how exactly I'm supposed to map out the essentials of trap music. Even saying the word now kinda irritates me because it's been thrown around so much, especially with its popular electronic/rave crossover. But my editor will kill me if I don't write this.

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There are both critics of trap and critics of people who are into trap. Both pose the same statement: "Trap isn't new -- it's been around forever." Well, yeah, we know that, and I think that ravers and such know that as well. It's a familiar Southern rap sound, very well identified here in South Florida, re-appropriated within the electronic/bass context.

Trap music, for all intents and purposes, has left a giant footprint on our local culture especially. And back when I was into emo and hardcore, I absolutely hated the genre, mostly because of its association with douchebags middle schoolers. Now that it's been re-purposed for club consumption (less King of Diamonds and more Fabric), there's an appreciation growing for it, isn't there?

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Ryan Morejon