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Astari Nite Releases New Song "Pyramids;" Asks "What the Listener's Point of View of the Song Is"

The sun has set, and you're far from any city lights; there are no clouds in the sky. Whattdya call that? Astari Nite. The Miami New Wave band with that simple but imaginative name dropped a new track today that's certain to make you think of darkness and of stars.

While working on their upcoming album, the song, "Pyramids" -- available and downloadable for free on -- will appease your tragically Gothic soul till autumn, when the full length is completed.

Singer Mychael Ghost described his take on the tune. "In my head, the song seems to be about understanding obsession, the guilty pleasure of lusting for someone or something that you can't ever have." But, he adds, "I'm more curious as to what the listener's point of view of the song is. I do encourage you all to contact us with your thoughts." Get on that, people.

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The song, produced by the Grammy-award winning Steve Thompson and mastered by Thomas Penton, includes urgent lyrics sung in a measured voice, like:

"Oh my majesty, I know the steeples high/Certain circumstance we no longer have to hide/But your dreams don't seem to mind/That you're running out of time."

And they've got a lot more on the way besides another album. Astari Nite is working with Blind Beast Productions to create an official video for "Pyramids." They also plan on putting it to vinyl and creating limited edition copies that you'll be able to snag at Radio-Active and Sweat records.

They'll also be performing this month in PBC with indie garage rockers Pretty Girls and trip-hoppers Astrea Corp. When asked how this show came about, Ghost says, "We have been so consumed with this album, that we have not performed as much as we like. West Palm Beach has always been very respectful towards us and our music, so we felt it was time to come back and enjoy an evening with our friends that frequent Respectable Street."

As far as what he's looking forward to coming up in South Florida, Ghost pointed to the Tegan and Sara show in September. And if Astari Nite were an animal, what animal does he think it'd be? "I think being a human is hard enough," he says. And amen to that.

Astari Nite, Astrea Corp, Pretty Girls at 10 p.m., Saturday, May 18, at Respectable Street

518 Clematis Steet, West Palm Beach. Visit Facebook.

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