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Bah Humbug! Five Songs About Hating the Holidays

Has materialism and excess overtaken what the holiday spirit is really about? Perhaps we will feel better after enjoying a few extra-spiked eggnogs with friends and family around the Christmas tree -- or Hanukkah bush or whichever kind of spiritual shrubbery you chose -- but for now we'd like to relish in the "Bah, Humbug!" spirit.

Not everyone during this holiday season spends their time roasting chestnuts or snuggling with loved ones watching Charlie Brown Christmas specials. There are those among us who probably had their wife/girlfriend just leave them, dog die, lost their job, or have a general disdain for the holiday season. We feel you, we made this list with you in mind. After the jump, check out the top five songs we think would have made it on Ebenezer Scrooge's iPod.

5. Cheech and Chong- "Police Got My Car


"Son of a bitch I want my Chevy for Christmas" yelps stoner idol Cheech Marin in this re-do of Jose Feliciano's 1970 Spanish pop holiday classic "Feliz Navidad."  The hapless Cheech falls victim to the police while driving home from the bar drunk as a skunk. This farce of a tune serves as a warning to all of us who enjoy imbibing a little too much during the holidays. Hey, we can't blame you, it certainly numbs the pain, just be smart enough and know when to take a cab or ask for a ride home.

4. Nada Surf "80 Windows"

Most people will remember this '90s alternative rock trio from its cheeky smash hit "Popular," but it had a remarkably enduring career -- spanning seven albums and over 15 years. "80 Windows" is one of the group's more somber sentiments, the song's protagonist dealing with his emotions of being alone for Christmas. Certainly one that would have Mr. Scrooge hitting repeat frequently.

3. Miles Davis-"Blue Christmas"

Columbia executives were expecting something a little more upbeat than "Blue Christmas," when, in 1962, they asked the influential trumpet player Miles Davis to contribute to the Jingle Bell Jazz compilation. What they got instead was this perfectly downbeat, hazy dirge that's the ideal companion piece to wallow in our holiday misery. A fun little factoid about this track, that smoky voice you hear is that of  Schoolhouse Rock's Bob Dorough.

2. The Pogues with Kirsty McColl - "Fairytale in New York"

This Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl duet deals with the grim subject matter of the life of a pair of bums in New York at Christmas time. Although rather bleak in nature, the duo's harmonies sooth and blunt lyrics almost come off as almost comical at times.This  was one of Irish punk band, The Pogues, most successful efforts in its storied career.

1. From First to Last-"Christmassacre."

This one from hardcore group From First to Last is a particularly good one to play if you want to scare little old ladies while stuck in traffic. Just crank it up and sing along to the tune's guttural hook: " Santa's Going to Die!." Guaranteed to earn you some horrified stares.

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