Blast From the Past: Cavity - Crawling/Perseverance Seven Inch

Crawling/Perseverance seven inch
(Bacteria Sour)

While the two songs on this delicious seven-inch can be found on the incredibly awesome full-length CD release Drowning, there is something special about this little record that commands its own entry to these Blast From the Past columns.

There are two versions, of which we'll discuss the other soon, but this version of the seven-inch marked the importance of Cavity in the national and international spectrum of underground music.

Released in 1997 to celebrate and commemorate the Fiesta Grande festival out in California, this record took two of the more abrasive tunes on the disc and put them into sweet marbled yellow wax, devoid of label sticker, wrapped in a medium-gauge plastic sleeve bearing a rusty weather print with the Cavity logo in geometric green.

Aside from record label info on the back flap, this seven-inch stands out from its sister publication in colors and because it included a cardboard postcard with the other half of the die-cut woman's face from the CD, Cavity's kanji symbol and the following text: Cavity / Fiesta Grande / Limited Edition / 300 Jan. 1997.

Yeah, 300. So that's that, and I'll probably go into a little more detail when we cover the other version, but you should know that the personnel was the same as the CD, with Dan Gorostiaga on bass, Rene Barge on vocals, Anthony Vialon and Buddha on guitars, and the always well-mannered Jorge Alvarez on drums.

This was recorded at Tapeworm Studios on February 1995 and was engineered by Jeremy DuBois and Scott Nixon. I just saw one listed on the internet for roughly $55. So if you see one, pick it up!!! 300!!!

Find more Cavity songs at Myspace Music

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