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Breaking News: Woman Shot Outside of White Room Last Night (Updated)

​A woman was shot Monday night outside of the White Room, near downtown Miami. Allegedly an encounter between passengers of two cars escalated into gun violence, with the suspect fleeing the scene after firing three shots into a vehicle containing two women.

Eyewitnesses dispute the account so far that the shooting had anything to do with a parking space. The passenger in the victim's car, who was uninjured, says she noticed the perpetrators trailing them before the incident. She says they were then boxed in and shot at. The driver, who was shot in the shoulder, is in stable, but serious, condition.

Melissa Dume was working the door at the White Room last night when the incident occurred. She recalls hearing a sound similar to firecrackers from around the corner of North Miami Avenue and NE 14th Street, near neighboring bar PS14. A car containing the two female victims then pulled around in front of White Room, with the passenger bursting out of the car screaming. The driver, who was shot, fell out of the car. White Room owner Luis Fonseca emerged from the club and called emergency services. Dume estimates that the police took five minutes to arrive, and paramedics 10 to 15 minutes.


New Times spoke Thursday night with an eyewitness who gave this description of

the event. A white SUV pulled up next to the women's car and

aggressively backed into the car. At this point a brown-skinned male

got out of the driver's seat with a ski mask on and walked over to the

car firing three shots into the car. The man then returned to

the car and left the scene, driving down 14th Street, heading west. The victim's car pulled out and drove to the White Room.

UPDATE: Riptide 2.0 has more details on the incident.

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