Dave Matthews at the Amphitheatre formerly known as Cruzan.
Dave Matthews at the Amphitheatre formerly known as Cruzan.
Photo by Sayre Berman

Cruzan Is Changing Its Name Back to Coral Sky Amphitheatre

For the past seven years, the Live Nation outdoor venue in Western West Palm Beach was called Cruzan Amphitheatre. And just when we finally got used to the new name, they've gone and changed it back to its original name: Coral Sky Amphitheatre. The place opened in 1996 and holds 19 thousand people. We've personally seen everyone from Lil Wayne to Lilith Fair to Radiohead sweating out on that grassy knoll.

Natives remember the amphitheatre's other former names Mars Music and Sound Advice. And now we gotta reach way back into our memories to get to calling the place by its given title.

Live Nation just sent out a press release alerting us of this odd news. They also said that it is looking for a new brand partner. So, who knows, it could end up being called the PricewaterhouseCoopers Amphitheatre next, or maybe the HE Butt Grocery Amphitheatre. At least now you don't have to buy Cruzan rum for 20(K) bucks a cup to get jiggy to Dave Matthews.

The release is asking nicely for a new brand companion:

"This is a great opportunity for businesses and brands who want to speak to the true music lover in all of us and to connect to the South Florida market in a unique way," said Joe Nieman, SVP Venues, Live Nation Florida. "The power of live music offers businesses a great platform to build meaningful connections with consumers and can provide brands with extremely high-profile exposure within the market."

We'll call it whatever they want, as long as the venue doesn't shut its doors.

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