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Deaf Download: Straight Skeeted New Year's Eve Disco from Hialeah

When you look up Miami on Wikipedia and you do a search for the word "cocaine," you will find nothing. As a native that has spent most of my life in, ahem, the Magic City, I am most definitely bored-to-fucking-death of your Scarface-themed man cave and/or ya day-glo "I'm in Miami Bitch" thongspenders.

But, you know, benzoylmethylecgonine (a.k.a. blow) has played (and continues to play) a major role in our fair Peninsular dingleberry. There are books and even movies about it. Musical genres have been founded on the basic premise that, yo, there is a lot of coke down here. Not to mention coke money.

So while I am loathe to put the often bleak, always surreal urban knock-knock joke that is Dade County through the same old hazing about yayo (a.k.a. California corn flakes), it would be equally unfair to try to pretend the stimulant has not played a role in the city whatsoever.

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Matt Preira