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Diary of a Flasher: Gabby M and KRELwear Come Together at The Standard

Gabby M spinning at The Standard for the KRELwear fashion show Tuesday night.
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This week, I am taking the streets for cocktail hour to swim shows and beyond, strapped with my camera covering the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

Music at fashion shows is as critical as the models that are selected, but a live DJ is something else. On Tuesday night, Gabby M took to the turn tables and took the KRELwear show to another level. I haven't stopped talking about this show for many reasons and the music was a big part of it. Ending with "Little Red Corvette" by Prince, dreams of neon glowing and dancing have been stuck in my head thanks to Miss Gabby.

This girl owns the title of DJ. Gabby has a phenomenal selection and some smooth ass blends. I'm not sure where she will be playing next, but she's jammed at O.H.W.O.W. and I hope to hear her more of her this summer.

If you're into having a brew or two over a game or a live band, the Brickell Irish Pub just opened. Next week after all this fashion show craze passes, I will be joining a friend after work to hear the band Hoosha on the 24th and to try the Irish Burger on the menu. I haven't been this excited over corned beef and cabbage in a while. Brickell Irish Pub is located at 1471 S. Miami Ave., Miami.

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