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Download: Knowledge Medina and Numonics - Never Enough EP

Sometime before the official recording of Never Enough, the new joint EP between South Florida MC Knowledge Medina and producer Jonathan "Numonics" Rosenfeld, the latter suddenly became convinced he was going to die. Numonics was working on a session for another rapper when he felt intense chest pain and pressure. Medina, who happened to be hanging out, took control of the situation.

"I literally thought I was having a heart attack. Knowledge had the decency to take me to the hospital and back. Turns out I wasn't dying, which is a plus," Numonics recalls. With hours to kill during the endless waiting for EKGs and x-rays, the producer suddenly got a riff stuck in his head that wouldn't leave.

"I woke up the next day and recorded it and invited Knowledge to record. The song ended up being 'Never Enough,' the title track, and based on the quality, we both felt we needed to do a complete project," he says. "That's why it's so personal to me -- Knowledge helped me during a time where I truly needed it."

The resulting Never Enough EP really approaches full-length album status, with nine tracks also showcasing a number of guest spots by other rising South Florida rappers like J NiCS and REKS. As mentioned in the opening salvo of second track "DOA," this is stuff for "real hip-hop heads," with Medina's delivery going unapologetically East Coasty in speed and inflections. Numonic's beats, meanwhile, are largely jazzy slices of boom-bap built on dense layers that mix warm guitars and strings with the occasional more purely electronic flourish.

This EP, released earlier this month, is just one of approximately a million -- OK, six -- major projects on which the ever-prolific Numonics is currently working. County Grind will have more on that as they drop, but in the meantime, stream and download the Knowledge Medina/Numonics EP via DJBooth at the link below.

Stream: Knowledge Medina / Numonics - Never Enough

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