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Five Albums Marilyn Manson Should Revisit for Punk Inspiration

The palest former South Floridian of all time, Marilyn Manson, just announced that he has almost completed the work on his eighth full-length album. This news may initially seem about a decade stale -- goth/grunge/industrial/MakeYourParentsGoToTherapyOutOfAnxiety hasn't been all that popular for a while now. But Mr. Manson himself is trying to keep pace with our Twitter-happy culture and watches a lot of Eastbound and Down to aid with that.

Manson has recently switched labels from mainstream behemoth Interscope to the indie/folk label Cooking Vinyl. He reunited with longtime songwriting partner Twiggy Ramirez, and the two claim that the upcoming work will be more "punk rock" than any previous affair.

Now don't get all pessimistic right off the bat. The dude has released some Patti Smith and Ramones covers in the past that weren't half bad, so this switch isn't necessarily doomed from the start. But just in case he needs a little push in the right direction, we at the County Grind decided to recommend five punk albums that our SoFla buddy should peruse -- aside from his early back catalog with the Spooky Kids -- before dropping his latest.

The Clash - London Calling
Manson, somehow, was able to create music that was both upsetting and listenable. After 30 years since its inception, London Calling still

manages to find mainstream appeal despite its authentically gritty

punk roots. There are few albums in history that have managed to so

completely succeed at what Manson is now setting out to do.
Especially: "Brand New Cadillac"

The Stooges - Fun House
Amazingly raw for also being so polished. The Stooges' Funhouse is a

nonstop barrage. Manson frequently uses a bevy of synths and

post-production technology. If he wants to go lo-fi, he should take a

few tips from South Florida transplant Iggy Pop.
Especially: "T.V. Eye"

Joy Division - Closer

Division is one of the most morose, plaintive punk bands in history.

The eerie undertones definitely had some impact on the goth/industrial

movement of the Manson/Reznor '90s, and Closer is potentially Joy Division's most complete work.
Especially: "A Means to an End"

The Replacements - Let It Be

used to cross-dress (and then some). The Replacements wrote

"Androgynous." One guy wants to write punk; the others helped define it.
Especially: "Androgynous"

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
Potentially the most important punk album. Ever.
Especially: "I Kill Children"

Additions, gripes, and comments all welcome below.

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