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Five Reasons Tyler the Creator Is a Sophomoric Genius

If you're over the age of 25, you may look at Tyler the Creator and his Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All crew like some kind of skate-park rat horsemen of the cultural apocalypse. Aren't they the kids who run around talking about homophobia and dick cheese and slappin' bitches?

Well, yes and no. They do have an affinity for colorful language and touchy subject matters, but they're not doing it for no good reason. Tyler and his playful pals are kind of satirical geniuses, and if you take the time to actually listen to their lyrical content, you'll find the messages run much deeper than schoolyard nicknames and common denominators.

Don't believe us? Here are five reasons you'd be ignorant to consider Tyler an ignoramus.

He's Called "The Creator" for a Reason

We'll never understand how people can hate on OFWGKTA's shine. What's the problem with a bunch of teenagers in Los Angeles getting together and making millions off of incredible music they made in their basement? Everything OF is in-house, from the production to the recording, the merch, the videos, distribution — everything you've ever seen. And Tyler is "the Creator" because he brought them all together. He's the maestro calling the shots and mentoring his pals. Not bad for some skate punks, right?

He's a Budding Directorial Genius

Did you realize Tyler directs all the OFWGKTA music videos himself? He has an incredibly well-developed style and knows how to fit it to a myriad of sounds and vibes. That "Yonkers" video that made him famous? All DIY. He also helps on outsider videos as well, such as the critically acclaimed clip for D.A.'s "Glowing." He frequently announces his intentions to break into feature-film directing, and we can't wait for the day Wolf Haley hits the silver screen.

He's Actually Incredibly Well-Spoken

Tyler gets a bad rap because of his juvenile references, but c'mon, he just turned 23 a few days ago. He recently appeared on the renewed Arsenio Hall Show and made a lot of waves when he laid out a mountain of honest and thoughtful realness. And he did it all while pushing his Chuck Taylors all over the fancy couch. Don't judge a book by its cover.

He Made "a Quarter-Million Off of Socks"

What Tyler brags about in Earl's "Woah" is true: He did make thousands off of socks — sort of. OFWGKTA has its own clothing line, designs by Tyler and the gang (high tube socks available in a range of colors). They're rather simple, like the kind of doodles you'd find on a high schooler's notes. But it just goes to show how smart Tyler is about the hustle. They even opened their own shop in Los Angeles, and they also sell OF skateboards. Bottom line: Tyler is a marketing genius, and he knows how to get kids to buy into a brand without compromising his values.

The Biggest Names Back Him Up Superhard

If you like Pharrell, Kanye West, and Jay Z, it might be of note that these big swingers are ridin' that Tyler d*#k rather hard. When Tyler released his first single from latest record Wolf, Kanye's entire website was just a giant YouTube embed of the video. Pharrell sang the hook and appears in the latest Tyler clip for "Tamale" as a sad drummer in the touching outro. But just because people be dick-cowboys doesn't mean Tyler gives a shit. When Will.I.Am. told him backstage at the Grammys that he'd one day be a sellout making music he hates, much like the man speaking, Tyler got on Twitter and blasted him. Money doesn't make you safe, so watch out, poseurs, Tyler's got that wrath, and he's bringing it to Fort Lauderdale. Don't miss it.

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