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Flyer of the Week: Drop Dead Gorgeous at the American Legion Every Thursday

​For a while there the fourth day of the week sucked. Everyone was almost forced to watch TV. Lately, though, things are looking pretty good again. Sweat is back up and charging hard with arty/punky/noisy in-stores and weirdo movie screenings while, next door, old reliable Churchill's has kept shit on lock since your junkie roadie daddy was born. Even Roofless and Destroyio have been starting midweek mosh pits. 

And last night, another strike against Thursday night TV and sports bar and bottle-service boredom was struck: the totally free, weekly party Drop Dead, Gorgeous at the American Legion. Co-founder Fáelán Blair described the scene as: "People hanging out. Drinking in small groups. More of a bar than club atmosphere." The New Times, however, needed to know more, so some additional words were exchanged. 

New Times: Drop Dead Gorgeous ... Why that name? And where's the emphasis? 

Fáelán Blair: Why? Because it's funny to use a proverbial description of someone as a declarative ... Drop Dead, Gorgeous. 

Who are some of the DJs who'll drop wax or CDs or digital or whatever? 

For right now it's my friend and I DJing as a pair under the name "Can You Hear Me Now?" Occasionally we'll have guests and we are considering bands, but the emphasis is on us. 

What exactly do you mean by "bad music"? Give some kind of sample playlist. 

It's a joke. We are very tongue in cheek about the whole thing. As far as what we spin, mostly underground rap, old punk rock, trip hop, hardcore, soul, Motown, and some indie rock. Our goal is to play music you typically won't hear at other venues. It's always danceable but not your typical setlist. I'll play some Richard Hell or Buzzcocks and my partner will then spin Etta James and the Drums. 

Who designed the flyer? 

That particular one was mine. I've done a few and so has my partner. We like to keep it very DIY ... All hand-drawn and photocopied.  

Why does that skull have upside-down teardrop eyes and fangs? It's obviously not human. 

That flyer was based on an album cover as part of a series. We like to give the flyers some artistic merit of their own. So the current of it is to hand draw and recreate album covers for our flyers/posters. 

The skull's also split down the center ... What trauma caused that crack? 

Bad music. 

Every Thursday. American Legion, 6445 NE 7th Ave., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m., and there's no cover. Ages 21+ with ID. Drop Dead, Gorgeous on Facebook.

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