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Flyer of the Week: Matthew Dear, a.k.a. Audion, Cracks Up at Electric Pickle July 24


The artist known as Matthew Dear has got some serious (but not too serious) identity issues. I mean, it's not as if his psychic split is the acid-activated, lock-myself-away-for-30-years-and-die Syd Barrett variety. It's more that, musically, Dear is way too complex to be merely one man. And so, like a lot of other arty weirdoes from the electro/techno/house subset, he chooses to manage the multiple, raging facets of his creative personality by assigning cute little aliases -- such as False, Jabberjaw, and Audion -- to one new self and the next and the next. 

Now, lucky for those among us who like psychologically strange tunes, Dear will conjure the last in the above list of alternate selves -- his deep techno persona Audion -- when he hits Electric Pickle July 24. Expect infectiously danceable excursions into the dark depths of a shattered subconscious. Also, expect LA-slash-Miami DJ duo Jay-You and Pet Food doing their own version of the schizoid shuffle. But take heed: There are only 200 passes to this bash. (Meaning, it's an imminent sellout.) So don't stall, get yours and yours and yours right now. 

Friday, July 24. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Show starts at 10 p.m., and tickets are $20. 305-456-5613; Electric Pickle at

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