Happy Birthday, Afroman!

If we didn't know any better, we'd assume Afroman was harvested by scientists hunkered down in a secret government bunker trying to cook up the perfect rapper. 

But their experiment went terribly wrong, you see. Or, depending on your countenance -- and proclivity to get lifted -- terribly right. 

Those scientists were trying to isolate the individual components that makes one a rapper -- keen lyrical prowess, insatiable work ethic, unreserved braggadocio, among others -- and enhance them, make them 1 million times stronger as to forge a new, ultimate, unfuckwithable MC.

Well, someone fell asleep at the dashboard. And a little too much of this was added when the mix really needed some that. And when they popped Afroman out of the gene chamber, they soon realized they only enhanced one ability: a ferocious appetite for cannabis.

The world met Afroman during the first wave of memes (1995-2000) that included the oogachaka dancing baby that ended up on Ally McBeal and the ...Ate My Balls websites. "Because I Got High" was an instant stoner classic, canonized right alongside Cheech, Chong, and anyone that ain't got no job, ain't got no money, and ain't got shit to do (besides burn reefer).

Well, Howard Stern caught wind of the track and had Afroman on the show, and soon enough, he was getting a big fat check from potheads like Kevin Smith for use of his song in weed-oriented films and TV shows.

Since 2004, with the release of Afroholic... The Even Better Times, Afroman has embraced the internet's wide reach and returned to disseminating his music through underground and subterranean means. He also still loves weed.

It's 4:20 right now. Are you celebrating yet?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.