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Happy Birthday, Jeff Buckley -- Ten Tribute Songs in His Memory

Had Jeff Buckley not died from a freak drowning accident some 14 years ago, he would have turned 45 today and hopefully added to a recorded legacy that was capped at only an EP, one album, and a handful of demos and posthumous live recordings. It's tantalizing to imagine what he might have accomplished but far easier to observe what he left behind in terms of his influence and the ongoing accolades accorded him. 

Before he even embarked on his musical career, Buckley earned a certain amount of notoriety as the son of another noted but ill-fated singer and songwriter, Tim Buckley. He claimed to have met his real dad only once, at age 8. In fact, he was raised with the given name Scotty Moorhead, going by his middle name Scott and his stepfather's surname. When the older Buckley succumbed to a drug overdose in 1975, Scotty Moorhead became Jeff Buckley to honor of his birth father.

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Lee Zimmerman