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Justin Bieber's Message to Anne Frank and Five Others We're Sure Drop on This European Vacation

On singer Justin Bieber's travels to Amsterdam, perhaps after a visit to a local coffee shop and maybe before checking out the red light district, he visited the Anne Frank house. 

This historical site where a teenaged Anne Frank and her family hid in a tiny attic from Nazis before being sent to death in a concentration camp obviously moved Mr. Bieber, because he wrote the following message in their guestbook, "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber." 

For those not in the know, a belieber is a fan of Justin Bieber. Most Word War II historians agree, worshipping at the altar of Justin Bieber would have been on the top of Anne Frank's list of things to do if she was able to live a full life, unmarred by religious persecution. Also, (and honestly) the Anne Frank House did comment they were "pleased to welcome him," even after reading his scribbles in the guest book. 

Here are some other humble messages Justin Bieber might want to leave on the remainder of his European tour.

The Van Gogh Museum 
"Hey Vinny, you got quite an eye for painting. Too bad you only got one ear. You don't get the full effect of my album, Believe, without stereo sound."

Versailles, France
"Wow, nice digs. Marie Antoinette seemed like a cutie, but she's got to watch those carbs if she wants to get with the Bieb. She can't be eating cake all the time."

Pompeii, Italy 
"So sad to see all these people die thousands of years ago from the volcano. They never had a chance to hear me sing or watch me dance or even see me host SNL. I'm the only thing hotter than lava." 

Wiltshire, England
"I don't get what the big deal about this place is. It's just a bunch of rocks. It's not like they spell out anything like maybe Justin Rocks. That would be unbeliebable!"

Auschwitz Concentration Camp 
Auschwitz, Poland 
"Depressing. I kind of zoned out during the tour. I know a lot of people died here, it wasn't cause of Bieber fever was it?"

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