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Local Album Review: Jacob Jeffries Band - Waiting for the Piano Movers

Jacob Jeffries Band
...Waiting for the Piano Movers...
Eleven:11 Entertainment

Jacob Jeffries is absurdly young -- barely out of his teens -- to be so abundantly talented. And despite his age, he's clawed his way to the top strata of South Florida's pop elite, thanks to last year's aptly titled debut album, Wonderful. The comparisons to Billy Joel and Ben Folds have been widely trumpeted by the local press, but Jeffries' obvious penchant for pure pop essence makes him unique among the local legions who tend to lean towards seriousness.

Jeffries and company strike up a celebration of fock's sheer joy and unbridled exuberance, interspersing their piano pop with the over-the-top showmanship a la Jerry Lee Lewis or Elton John.

Consequently, the decision to spotlight the Jeffries band in a live setting was a sound one. The resulting album, the awkwardly punctuated ....Waiting for the Piano Movers..., recreates the excitement and enthusiasm of the band's live gigs.

This particular set reprises only a trio of tunes from the band's first full-length. But there's a  rousing take on Elvis Costello's "Watching the

Detectives," as well as new originals like the thunderous "Astronomy" and a poignant ode to Jeffries' late

father, "Your Tree." Clearly, Jeffries bears no shortage in reserves of dynamic new material.  The easily infectious

offerings are catchy to the max, and soar with the ease of genuine future classics.

Jeffries, of course, takes musical center stage, but the

propulsive rhythms are ably tethered by bassist Brian J. Lang and drummer Josh

"Papa Bear" Connolly. Guitarist Jimmy Powers provides searing fretwork, and his harmonies with Lang keep the momentum intact.Tthis may well be the best example of pure rock and

roll essence our environs have to offer.

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