Local Motion: Hometeam-Music's Mixtape - André Benjamin is...


André Benjamin is... Mixtape



Hometeam-Music takes us on another musical journey of discovery within known environs. Here's a collaborative effort between DJs Manuvers, Reese and Ideal painstakingly reproducing the better and lesser-known moments of Outkast's charismatic fifty percent André Benjamin. The tweaks and productions work well here since Benjamin lends himself naturally to interpretation and reinvention.

Highlighting the funky and the experimental, these cats give some good overview here, good enough that if you could find someone on the planet who has not heard André Benjamin's work would easily be turned on to him by this mixtape. Forty-three tracks conspire here to paint a career-long picture and the ambitious effort feels natural, the only thing forced here are the re-envisioning of tracks with appropriate sampling and instrumentation.

The tracks range from the minute mark to the four minute tag and it's a savvy move on their part to mine someone as rich as Benjamin for source material. Knowing Benjamin's hectic outpours of work in his relatively short span of time on the music scene, one could almost expect a follow-up effort of this nature in a couple years or so.

For a copy of the mixtape click here.

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