Margeaux Jordan's New Music Video is a Lesson to Lazy Boyfriends

Margeaux Jordan has danced as a member of the University of Florida Dazzlers, shaken her stuff onstage behind Pitbull, been signed under L.A. Reid as part of the female pop group Velvet Angels, and, yes, even she still has trouble getting a guy to take her on a proper date. 

And the former Coral Springs High graduate and PR guru Margeaux Jordan is venting about it with a new music video for her latest single, “Rather Be Dreaming."

The five minute video explores a day in the life of a young female character (played by Jordan) and her boring, less than chivalrous relationship. A typical weekend night goes as follows: she prances around her room, picking out an extravagant dress to wear, but then gets her hopes of a romantic evening shot down when her deadbeat boyfriend texts her. “Tired…Come over and watch TV?”

Clearly upset, the dissatisfied girlfriend dutifully complies while her beau falls asleep on the couch, presumably farting all over her as he dreams about football and Kate Upton.

The protagonist then retreats into her own mind to enjoy a daydream that is the complete antithesis of her lackluster relationship. There is horse riding, cowboy hats, masquerade masks, woodland flower dancers, and her apathetic boyfriend is transformed into a gallant and smiling hunk. Needless to say, daydream boyfriend is a serious upgrade from real life boyfriend. South Florida Locals may recognize certain scenes from the video. Its locations include Tree Tops Park in Davie and Eucalyptus Gardens in Wilton Manors, just to name a few. Jordan told New Times that she wanted the music video to take viewers on a “magical journey into a modern-day girl's dream,” while also sending a message to the hopelessly romantic ladies out there.  

“I want women to feel inspired and reassured that they can be strong and independent, yet still be with someone who treats them the way they dreamed,” said Jordan. “Many times we allow ourselves to settle for an average relationship, and are afraid that if we set our standard high, it will never happen. Romance isn't dead. Chivalry exists, and someday we will find a partner who loves to spice things up and do sweet little things just as much as we do.”

Although the music video was only recently released, Jordan wrote the lyrics to the song while attending the University of Florida in 2011. Not surprisingly, the lyrics were inspired by someone she dated. “I was dating a good guy who was super on the ball and had many traits that I adored. However, it often felt that he was preoccupied and had other priorities,” the singer recalls. 
“Oftentimes, we'd just hang in and watch TV. But after working so hard, I wanted to go out and have something to look forward to. There was a date in particular that was planned, and I had been excited about it all week. We were finally going to go dancing. I bought a new dress, started to get ready, and then it got cancelled because he was tired. Feeling the disappointment, I finally told him I felt there was just no romance anymore. His response was that I'm dreaming, and watch too many unrealistic chick flicks that give me the false impression that all of this romance is normal. My response was, ‘I'd rather be dreaming.’” 

And, like so many times throughout musical history, Jordan's heartbreak became a song. 

Though Jordan hasn't given up on love. If anything, her past relationships have showed her that she needs to set the bar higher. "There are some incredible guys out there, and they do like to treat a girl well and take their interests and desires into consideration. We don't need it fancy, as I sing in the song, but a little romance here and there would make for so many more special memories than watching TV.”
And Jordan still believes that these men are out there, waiting to be snatched up. “I believe chivalry exists and that there are some awesome guys out there who are just as romantic and fun-loving as I am and want to be. I want to let my heart be free and do cute little things for the guy I like, and not fear that it's too much, but feel comforted because he's just as thoughtful and sweet in return.”

She adds, “As independent as females today are, we still want a guy to romance us and take the lead sometimes.” Preach, girl. Preach.

And if you're picking up what Margeaux Jordan's putting down, the optimistic singer is seeking management and expansion for her team. If interested, visit

"Rather Be Dreaming" is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play. Follow Margeaux Jordan at @MargeauxJordan on Twitter and Instagram.
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