This will never get old.
This will never get old.

Marilyn Manson Attends Eastbound & Down Premiere, Quotes Kenny Powers

This will never get old.

We already know that Marilyn Manson likes to

dress up like a mullet-toting badass

to honor his favorite TV show,

Eastbound & Down

. The rocker was his goth self for the HBO show's second season premiere last week, but was eager to play into an MTV News staffer's

line of questioning regarding his well-publicized obsession


He singles out "With every set of tits comes a gaping hole of need that even Kenny Powers can fill" and "Can I do you from behind with a Scream mask?" as his favorite lines, and picks Powers' perennial punching bag Stevie Janowski (all the proof of that is here) as the character he would most like to portray. Video of the interview is below.

Additionally, Manson will probably have more time on his hands to work on his stilted speech and drop-dead awkwardness for the role. His film Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll is reportedly in danger of getting shelved -- let's just go straight to DVD, please -- because of its grotesque and NSFW trailer. More ribald suggestion that could be a downfall for this project about the Alice in Wonderland author. 

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