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Meet Dr. Virgil Mongalo, the Dentist Who Made Lil Wayne Spit (Literally)

Dr. Virgil and Mr. Carter
​Last week, I asked New Times Miami Music Editor Arielle Castillo if we should track down the dentist who gave Lil Wayne his eight root canals for the jaw-dropping sum of reportedly $150,000. Her response was rational: "doctor-patient confidentiality, right?"

Fortunately for all of us, no one's lips stayed sealed for long. We learn that the venerable Dr. Virgil Mongalo and Weezy go way back. The rapper "is a long time patient of the Miami cosmetic dentist who was also involved in the creation of the Wayne's diamond-studded teeth." So, while some folks might frown at a dentist buddy taking in a huge account in exchange for keeping Lil Wayne out of jail for a few extra days, we know a couple guys who are all smiles right now. Clarification: Mongalo says that the surgery was approved by a judge more than a year ago, but only reported recently. 

Read this fantastic press release in full after the jump.

Italics added, only where absolutely necessary to this press release, which helpfully includes the doc's office phone:

Lil Wayne's Sentencing Postponed for Dental Procedure by Dr. Virgil Mongalo

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - March 1, 2010) -  Lil Wayne's scheduled sentencing in a New York City weapons case was postponed so the rapper could complete a dental procedure by Dr. Virgil Mongalo. The platinum-selling performer is a long time patient of the Miami cosmetic dentist who was also involved in the creation of the Wayne's diamond-studded teeth.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, had planned to have the procedure done before his February 9th sentencing, but Dr. Mongalo was out of the country doing charitable work in Latin America.

The Manhattan judge and the assistant district attorney agreed to delay sentencing until March after speaking with the Dr. Mongalo who explained the medical necessity of treating the rapper's condition. Wayne then flew to Miami where the cosmetic dentist successfully performed the procedure on February 16th.

While HIPAA privacy rules prevent revealing the procedure Lil Wayne underwent, it can be said that Dr. Mongalo specializes in smile makeovers and computer-guided implant surgeries such as Teeth-in-an-Hour, a micro-surgical technique that eliminates cutting the gums and sutures.

Lil Wayne is just one of many celebrity patients treated by Dr. Mongalo. The Miami cosmetic dentist regularly performs smile makeovers for film, television and music celebrities as well as Miss Universe contestants.

Requests for diamond grill work are more rare. When asked about the $150,000 price Wayne is quoted to have paid, Dr. Mongalo paraphrased Don Quixote: "A tooth is worth more than a diamond."
More than a diamond! But he probably takes AmEx too. A link to Dr. Mongalo's company site is also included in the release, which features this gem:

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