Meg White Sex Tape--Real or Fake

Apparently, Crossfade just can't get enough of Meg White.

A lot of the Internet, especially some of the music chatrooms, are buzzing this morning over the sex tape that suddenly appeared this weekend that supposedly shows White Stripes drummer Meg White engaged in full coital activity. While nobody can verify that the person of interest in the video is indeed Ms. White, there has been a great deal of speculation as to whether the existence of the tape (if it's real) -- and its imminent Web premiere -- led to Meg's much-reported recent anxiety disorder and, thus, to the cancellation of the band's upcoming U.S. and European tour.

Note to celebrities. Sex is great. Sex scandals and humiliation--not so great. Turn the camera off!

However, it must be noted that Meg's camp is totally denying the whole thing. And for good reason. It sort of looks like Meg... but you be the judge.

You can check out some stills here and the video here if you wish.

Trust us, it's not work friendly so put some head phones on people. Detroit garage rock porn is loud and raunchy. Wouldn't want anyone losing their j-o-b's over this one.

And hey, don't be mad at me for spreading the word. At least I didn't work "Icky Thump" into this one...aw shucks. --Jonathan Cunningham

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