Miami's 50 Best Rap Songs: A Dirty, Delightful Bag

As an official South Florida welcome to New Times contributor and Brickell transplant Jesse Serwer -- who recently dug up Blowfly/Clarence Reid's best tracks for us -- here's a heavy nudge to check out his "The 50 Best Miami Rap Songs" list at Complex.com.

The usual suspects like Trina, DJ Khaled, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and 2 Live Crew all figure in. But this this heavily researched collection has plenty of regional gems too. (A few of us dig into L'Trimm from time to time -- but are you up on Smitty and Poison Clan?) Expect some nodding, maybe some shouting at the screen, and definitely the wish that you were reading this list with the computer hooked up to your Ford Mustang's subwoofer.

We learn that MC Luscious is just as dirty as Uncle Luke or Blowfly. West Palm Beach's Jim Jonsin (AKA Jealous J) gets his due, and another BroCo product figures in via Ace Hood's appareance on "I'm So Hood." We won't spoil the top 10, but it's gonna shake your office chair.

Read: The 50 Best Miami Rap Songs, by Jesse Serwer

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