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Monarchy Nightclub Is Officially Closed and For Sale

County Grind received word this week that West Palm Beach nightclub Monarchy had officially shuttered its doors. The reason? Unpaid rent. 

Our source, who wanted to remain anonymous, is involved with one of the many groups in negotiation with the owner of the building at 221 Clematis Street -- where the 6,000-square foot venue is located -- to take over the space. He stated that the Monarchy owners had racked up more than $16,000, in unpaid rent. And whomever takes over the locale will have to dish out this sweet sum to the landlord, as well as any other bills that remain due.

Our unnamed source admitted there has been a lot of interest in the club, and it's only been closed for two weeks. It presents a rare opportunity for the right party to purchase a turnkey nightclub at the height of its popularity, right in downtown West Palm Beach.

There have been rumors floating around on the web that Monarchy's former owner, Tony Campanale, has been ill, but he could not be reached for comment. 

Monarchy with its dark wood floors and plush accents attempted to bring a taste of posh New York nightlife to Clematis. Its unabashed dedication to house music had its detractors, but also many followers. 

From what our source says, it will only be a matter of time before the club will find a new owner. So rest easy bottle service lovers, you will soon have a home for your velvet ropes and Tiesto tunes again. 

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Alex Rendon