Mp3: 5oh! Spreads the Holidubstep Spirit

The inescapability of holiday music is already starting to make me despise the (less) balmy winter months in SoFla. It's become impossible to step foot within a Starbucks or Best Buy without hearing Harry Connick, Jr.'s rendition of "The Christmas Song" or "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." And up until today, the best attempt at a new holiday song was the Maccabeats's dreadful display of uncoolness, which nearly erased all the work that the Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan and Lou Reed had done for the chosen people this past half-century.

But now there's something to celebrate. 5oh! dropped this dubstep "Carol of the Bells" via Home Alone remix of epic proportions, blowing Transiberian Orchestra out of their prog-rock waters. Given that "Carol of the Bells" was originally composed nearly a century ago, it's pretty unbelievable to consider the direction, progress and new technological possibilities in music's recent history. It's also pretty fun to listen to.

Home Alone (christmas dubstep remix) FREE DOWNLOAD UP NOW (LOOK IN DESCRIPTION) by 5oh!

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