Soulful trip-hop darlings Astrea Corporation have been staying busy, managing to strike a balance between frequent live performances and fresh output. We emailed frontwoman Carly to find out what's up.

Aside from upcoming collaborations with rapper and producer Iron Ora, January marked the beginning of their live demo series. "The live demo series will consist of a set of songs we will be releasing once a month for our listeners," Carly explains. "We want this to be more intimate, almost like an unplugged-session-type feel, though as an electronic-based group, we kinda have to plug in. Each track will be recorded live in the lab and offered in its raw, truest form."

MP3: Astrea Corporation's "Artifact A"

"Artifact A" is a sneak peek into and introduction to those live sessions. It's certainly raw and true, an intergalactic journey through what might seems like Carly's soul. 

They promise on their Facebook page that "Artifact B" is "on deck," and we're psyched. Also coming up is their Kush Tetra EP and the Copernicus EP, which Carly says is a "total noise/ambient project." 

Stay tuned!

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