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MP3: Chrome Dick's "A Man Is a Urinal," Snooze Theatre Show Tonight

A typical Chrome Dick performance lasts about as long as it'll take you to read this story. Lone member (and County Grind pal) Raphael Alvarez rigs whatever he feels like up to an amp -- pedals, a guitar, a microphone -- and lets loose every bit of emotion he has inside at maximum intensity. It looks and sounds like a robot balled up on the floor, ripping his being apart from within. If it lasted any more than a couple of minutes, it would probably make the audience weep tears of blood.

Impressively, Chrome Dick's first proper release, A Portal Between Heaven and Hell, feels distant in comparison to the immediacy of the live brutality. Here, the fury is tempered with minimalist synthesizer ambiance, and though this will not lull you into a peaceful slumber, the turmoil subsides during several beautiful passages over the course of seven tracks clocking in at 31 minutes. Like Kenny Millions and LLLR, his is undeniably Shitjazz.

"A Man is a Urinal" is like listening to the machinations of an empty abattoir's conveyor belt.

Eventually, you can hear Alvarez's processed screams, as if he's sending

himself to his own brutal slaughter. There's a moment or three that'll remind you of the rage of Trent Reznor, but this isn't dance music. It's a descent into madness, if you

will (and even if you won't).

Portal Between Heaven and Hell by CHROME DICK

Great care has been devoted to creating different sonic experiences throughout this Portal experience. "The Consequence" is the numbed sensation of being crushed by a

majestic ocean liner, and there's a shoegaze-y beauty about


Shitjazz vs. Snooze featuring Kenny Millions, the Professor,

Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn, Last, Chrome Dick, Asss Banananana and

Human Fluid Rot on Friday, November 18, at Snooze Theater, 798 Tenth

St., Lake Park. Call 561-842-7949, or visit

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