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MP3: Family Drugs' "Laura Lynn" and Its Creepy Roots

Local artist Marcos Marchesani caught our attention in a cryptic post that simply read, "Here's a new demo." Marchesani provided a link to his Soundcloud page, wherein a song titled "Laura Lynn" could be found. We followed up with him and confirmed that this is, in fact, a new offering from his latest project, Family Drugs.

After a brief conversation, we found that the eerie sentiment of the song goes a little deeper.

Naturally, we asked if the name Laura Lynn had any significance to Marcos. He told us about his method for tentative titles for songs he's working on, which is to assign them women's names. He said that the name Laura Lynn instantly came to mind, although he thinks that it may be subliminally linked to Laura Palmer, the popular teenaged homecoming queen who gets brutally murdered in Twin Peaks.

What he told us next takes us a little farther down the rabbit's hole. Apparently while at his mother's house, he overhead a guest on the Dr. Oz show speaking about an out-of-body experience she felt while in a near-death situation. The woman's name was Laura Lynn. At this point, the song had already been recorded and titled, which astounded Marcos. It "blew [his] fucking mind," to quote him directly.

"Laura Lynn" is part of a four- or five-song EP (he hasn't decided just yet) from Family Drugs that will hopefully be made available for stream and download by week's end. The EP will appear on Marcos' Soundcloud page.

Family Drugs will also be playing live at the Speakeasy Lounge this Wednesday alongside identical-twin revelers the Dewars and Yahtzee Guy. Do not miss this.

Listen to "Laura Lynn" now:
laura lynn demo by cosycos

Family Drugs. With the Dewars and Yahtzee Guy. 8 p.m. Wednesday, October 12, at the Speakeasy Lounge,129 N. Federal Highway, Lake Worth. Tickets cost $5 for those over 21 and $10 for younger entrants. Visit the Speakeasy Lounge's website.

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