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MP3: Flo Rida's Got a "Good Feeling" About Sampling Etta James

A song like Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" would've been better suited for release about two months ago. But perhaps he has some sort of home state pact with Pitbull, and just just as we're starting to tire of "Give Me Everything," this feisty Etta James-studded club jam as a shot at being the, er, feel good hit of the fall. We do like songs about feelings, after all.

Announced as the first single off Only 1 Rida (Part 2), this might be one of the least annoying Flo jams to date, because there's no T-Pain within earshot. The Dr. Luke and Avicii knob-twirling production just zips along like some vintage Fatboy Slim/Moby soul-stomping -- so supposing you hate that kind of thing, this will not be your jam.

Not unlike the spirit of "Otis" and any other beats using Mr. Redding's great body of work, the most fun of this is hearing a delightful sample from "Something's Got a Hold On Me." Flo Rida was undeniably psyched to clear the Etta sample. And it does fit with his past history with being willing to spend money on bankable collaborators -- David Guetta, T-Pain, Ke$ha among them.

In any case, let's slap this on the internet-table and see how many times you go right round through it.

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