MP3: Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Covered by Baby B Strings

The always-enterprising Beached Miami crew has hatched upon a lovely idea for much of the remaining days of September, which will henceforth be known as "flannel-tember." Up until the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's grunge-rock cornerstone Nevermind's release date on September 24, expect a bevy of covers (13, to be exact) provided by local musicians to arrive on the site.

The first offering is courtesy of forward-thinking Miami string quartet Baby B Strings, and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is the first jam, er, movement from this series. Unsurprisingly, this does not have quite the same sweeping dynamic shifts of the original -- no violins were fed through distortion pedals in the recording process -- but the power of Kurt Cobain's songwriting is certainly present.

Stream: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Baby B Strings)

Be sure to check out the rest of the entries as they flow in via Nevermind Miami, and we will highlight a few of them here in the next couple of weeks. There's definitely a cover done by a slightly different style of '90s revivalists Guy Harvey that we're dying to hear coming up.

Need more South Florida Nirvana covers right here, right now? Here's Surfer Blood's version of "Territorial Pissings" from the Spin magazine compilation Newermind.

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