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MP3 of the Day: Chris Ruppel - "In Stride"

I always had a sneaking suspicion that Chris Ruppel harbored some acoustic-late-at-night guitar leanings and they are confirmed here via this MP3 from his solo effort. Most of you will remember him from his days with Dead Letter Post Office and most recently Fireside Social. He left Miami sometime ago and has been traveling the expanse of this great state, busking with his guitar or occasionally subbing for sick high school history teachers.

Here we have the type of acoustic rock you'd expect from the post-punk generation of Florida, most notably the Central Florida scene. This is okay if you like a certain country twang in your listening, which I do. I see a little Whiskey & Co., certainly some Chuck Ragan but believe it or not, I'm also getting the sweet endearment of Jack Starr (not the blues/metal dude from Palm Bay, but the guy from the late 50's, early 60's who also dabbled in homemade special effects).

We'll see what else comes through the cables from wherever Ruppel might be on his current journey, in the meantime enjoy this little ditty at work!

MP3: Chris Ruppel - "In Stride"

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