MP3 of the Day: Evan Rowe/Catalonia

Evan Rowe again makes good on his promise that musical formats as we know them are dead with another "burst" of a track that is as much music as it is his idea of what images should be made an association with. Keeping in the same vein of the last MP3 we reviewed, "My Liver Is My Friend," this track, "Keeping Me on the Line," also shows his echo-y pop savvies in the filter of shoegaze, acoustic atmospheric music with minimal effects.

Although the verdict is out on how this new material compares with earlier incarnations of Catalonia, he seems to be heading in the direction he wants, which is betrayed by the visuals that he presents alongside his music: board games, consumerism, nature, aging... all probably stolen from the internet and tweaked with varying degrees of crude text.

In the end, the song is a nice track that has a soothing effect, and his voice is airy and free, regardless of his opinions regarding the availability of music in the commercial sense.

Evan Rowe is a local songwriter and performer best-known as Catalonia, a professor of political science and history at Broward College, and a small-d democratic strategist with no party affiliation. Read some of his thoughts here.

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