MP3 of the Day: Fsik Huvnx (David Brieske) -- "Untitled (Choral)"

Following in the tradition of Evan Rowe's lack of necessity for actual musical files in lieu of what he terms "blasts," here's a song from David Briekse's musical alter ego, Fsik Huvnx. Please don't ask me to sound it out; just enjoy a little piece of paranoid composition from a neighbor in the South.

I'm not entirely sure how y'all do in the frigid north of the West Palm Beach/Broward area, and I do not portent to step upon the tails of my "art beat" colleagues, but Briekse's been at it for a while now, bridging the gaps between visual aesthetics, performance, and sound via this project.

Presented here is the MP3 for the track as well as a little video arrangement that he's made for it. Think simple structure with the innuendo that something's gone awry and you'll be in the right path. This is not music for music lovers; this is music for people who will trust a sound as long as it occurs in the darkness of a foreign corridor in the dead of night.

Dig it? Good. If not, then don't worry about the album that might pop up later this year. I'm looking forward to it because I believe in paranoia.

MP3: Fsik Huvnx - "Untitled (Choral)"


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