MP3 of the Day: "Self-Sabotage" by Crimson

​Miami's hard rock scene is pitifully low on estrogen. Enter Crimson, a local six-piece that's been playing together in one form or another for the past few years, but only recently has started kicking it into high gear. The backbone of the band are the married couple (awww) of guitarist Evan Lamb and vocalist and lyricist Elisa Melendez, who met in the late '90s when both attended Killian High. At the outset, they performed just under the fiery-maned Elisa's name, but later, while studying at the University of Miami, they slowly began adding players until they graduated up to a five-piece.

So yes, Crimson is now a band, proper, but the biggest attraction still remains the feisty Melendez and her iron-strong pipes. Check them out as they soar on this new song from the band, "Self-Sabotage." It's melodic and tightly constructed enough for the active rock set, but features just enough retro metal flavor to keep things interesting. One of the most epic moments of the track comes around 2:20, when the song explodes into a twin guitar riff that's pretty ferociously '80s. Also worth mentioning: The band has a freaking keytar bass, and not even in an ironic hipster way. That makes it much more awesome.

In the past couple of weeks the band has played Buck 15 and Churchill's, and deserves a few more upcoming gigs. Check them out on MySpace and on YouTube for more music and details on shows.

MP3: Crimson - "Self Sabotage"

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