MP3 of the Day: The Jameses - "Rat People"

Impose Magazine deemed Lake Worth's the Jameses "another reason Florida doesn't completely suck"; this is slightly true. They're deserving of a headline based less on the supposed suckiness of their surrounding environment and more on the quirk-and-catchiness of their banging lo-fi, which Impose went on to fairly acknowledge.

It's the nature of such warbly garage rock to have garbled lyrics, but after an attempt to listen closely and glean some answers, "Rat People" sounds like it gives a nod to wandering: "East L.A." is rhymed with "F.L.A." (yeeeeaaaah!) and mention is made of both Muscle Beach and the Brooklyn Zoo (maybe). Underwater synths lead to dirty guitars and talk of surfing; it's sort of an anthem, and really epic.

You can buy the full two-song 7" on their Myspace.

MP3 Download: The Jameses - "Rat People"

The Jameses play at Miami's Endless Summer at Churchill's tonight. More info here.

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